Best Rustic Maternity Dresses for Baby Shower

Rustic Dresses We Would Wear In a Heartbeat

Photo shooting is an important part of baby shower and every mom-to-be wants to look stunning both at parties and in the photos. A gorgeous baby shower dress plus beautiful background equals the perfect maternity photo shoot. Create your own rustic atmosphere at a party. Simple yet elegant rustic dress will help.

The main idea of a rustic baby shower dress is that it should be very simple, with minimal usage of accessories and jewellery. You can experiment with colors, or you can choose one in traditional baby shower colors as we did. So, look through set of blue and pink baby shower dresses.


Editor's choice of rustic blue baby shower dresses

We've chosen blue dresses for a baby shower that merges simplicity and elegance. A lot of pregnant use the tradition to wear blue dresses to release at first sight that they are waiting for a baby-boy.

Faux Wrap Maternity Dress with Adjustable Belt Outfit

Effortless rustic baby shower dress for you to feel simple and easy at celebration. The dress emphasises new shapes where it is necessary. Made in loose style it doesn't oppress the bump and doesn't constrain the movements. The belt on the waist is adjustable, so you can adjust it to your own wishes, there are a couple of variants to do it.

The complements of the dress are also in minimal style, yet elegant. Low heels help to stay confident and don't worry because of high heels and pendant necklace prettifies neck and brings other's attention to it.

Baby shower outfit idea:

Maternity Midi Dress - Fitted Stretch Short Sleeves Outfit

Simple and at the same time stylish baby shower dress. Featuring mermaid style it is ruched on the bump for you to feel very comfy during the whole party. The dress is in delicate blue-sky color, which will definitely make you look lighter and brighter. We added beige color not to make it too overwhelming. Together colors create an effortless palette and the look can be worn not only for special occasions, but also in everyday life - it is very versatile.

Baby shower outfit idea:

Women's Maternity 3/4 Sleeve Maxi Dress Outfit

Made in rayon, the dress is super soft and gentle to the pregnant skin. Featuring floor length, 3/4 sleeves, it is suitable both for chilly and warm weather. The dress is very elastic, so you can wear it up to the 9th month of pregnancy and long after. The look is completed with a small, but very spacious bag, low sandals, which you can wear long after your baby shower. The main element in the whole outfit is a set of necklace and earring, which looks original and with taste.

Baby shower outfit idea:

Editor's choice of rustic pink baby shower dresses

Pink dresses for baby shower are hot favorites for a lot of pregnant. It's girlish and incredibly stylish. Various shades of pink provide you all kinds of options for various occasions. Try and experiment with different colors to go with your pink dress.

Women's Maternity High Low Dress with Waist Belt Outfit

Look glorious in this rustic baby shower dress. Midi, with waist belt and short sleeves the dress looks plain and festive at the same time. Giving enough room around your curves it's gentle to your skin and doesn't oppress the bump. If your baby shower is planning outdoors, complete your look with stylish low-heels. The outlook is particularly chic with a crossbody bag in black color.

Baby shower outfit idea:

Women's Maternity Knee Length Tank Dress Outfit

Stunning rustic baby shower dress. Sleeveless, mini it is a cool option for the modern mom-to-be. With empire waist it defines your new shapes. All outfits are in light colors. Levander clutch is good combined and you can use it long after the baby is born. Flats are added for you to feel confident and not awkward.

Baby shower outfit idea:

Women's Knee Length Wrap Dress with Belt Outfit

Simple, but feminine rustic baby shower dress. Made in rayon it combines fine shape with good hypoallergenic properties. Rayon is really a versatile fabric, it's comfortable to wear in all seasons, absorbs water and makes the skin breathe that is highly important in warm and hot weather. If your party is going to be outdoors and it's chilly, combine it with the cosy blazer and heels or flats if you like. And finish your look with a crossbody bag.

Baby shower outfit idea:

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